When Does The MLS Season Start 2022

When Does The MLS Season Start 2022

When Does The MLS Season Start 2022
When Does The MLS Season Start 2022

When Does The MLS Season Start 2022: The 2022 season of Major League Soccer has begun, and the league now boasts a total of 28 clubs who will compete against one another for the league championship.

The New England Revolution will attempt to capitalize on the great success of its 2021 season as it pursues the goal of retaining its Supporters’ Shield and improving its performance in the playoffs (Eastern Conference semis). On the other hand, New York City Football Club (NYCFC) will be defending an MLS Cup for the very first time, and it will do so while possessing a wide variety of outstanding offensive talent.

As part of the Major League Soccer (MLS), Charlotte FC has joined the ranks of the competition, bringing the total number of teams in each conference to an even 14.

Every team will compete against every other team in the conference twice, once at their own stadium and once on the away. In addition, there will be eight matches played against teams from other conferences on the calendar.

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When does the Major League Soccer season 2022 begin?

On Saturday, February 26, 2022, the first official match of the 2022 Major League Soccer season will take place between the league’s 18 clubs. The competition for the remaining ten teams will get on the following day, with five matches planned for Sunday, February 27.

It has never been possible for any season in the history of the league to start earlier than the 26th of February. The following is the complete Major League Soccer schedule for opening weekend:

MLS Schedule

When Does The MLS Season Start 2022

When Does The MLS Season Start 2022

When Does The MLS Season Start 2022
When Does The MLS Season Start 2022

When Does the MLS Season End

The 2022 MLS season is scheduled to end on Oct. 9.

MLS key dates in 2022

The early stages of the regular season’s 34 games will take place during opening weekend, and the season will come to a close with Decision Day on October 9th.

The postseason for Major League Soccer (MLS) begins immediately following the conclusion of the regular season, and it culminates with the MLS Cup final being played on November 5, only two weeks before the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

In addition to the home premiere for expansion team Charlotte FC, which will take place on March 5, another new soccer stadium will open its doors for the first time in Nashville on May 1.

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The Major League All-Star Game is scheduled to take place in Minnesota’s Allianz Field on August 10, just a few days after the summer player transfer window has closed (July 7-Aug. 4).

Key MLS dates

  • Feb. 26: Regular season 2022 kicks off
  • Mar. 5: Charlotte FC home opener
  • May 1: Nashville stadium opening
  • July 7: Summer transfer window opens
  • Aug. 4: Summer transfer window closes
  • Aug. 10: All-Star Game
  • Oct. 9: End of 2022 regular season
  • Nov. 5: MLS Cup 2022
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